About Us

Guru Media is a company specializing in providing Online Marketing services for individuals and businesses in Vietnam.

The main services provided by Guru Media

  • Services on Google: Google Ads (Search, Shopping, Youtube, Display), SEO top, Google Local Guide
  • Services on Facebook: Facebook advertising, Fanpage care
  • Providing resources for Advertising: Invocie Advertising Account, Google Voucher Account

With the Slogan “Breakthrough together” we wish to accompany customers to breakthrough revenue with the highest profits and lowest costs.

Guru Media is proud to be a partner of Google in Vietnam


Each business has its own characteristics and requires a suitable marketing strategy, so we always focus on understanding customers to provide the most optimal solutions.

Professional Attitude

Always listen carefully to customers' needs, respond quickly, and serve customers in every possible situation.

Professional Human Resources

Highly specialized personnel, professionally trained, with 3-10 years of experience, always putting customers at the center.

Professional Service

Methodical process, providing customers with effective, long-term solutions, consistent with the practical requirements of customers.


Online marketing opens up new opportunities for all industries, we are proud to provide customers with the best online marketing solutions.

Guru Media is always ready to listen and work with you to find the most suitable solution

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