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  • Currently, the combination of organizing Team building programs and Gala Dinner programs on travel trips is popular and is chosen by many families, groups, schools, and businesses. These activities not only help members bond but also convey the messages and culture of the business.
  • That’s why business organizations and groups always want to be able to choose a reputable event organizer to organize team building and gala events that are attractive and unique to the business or group. Wondertour is always proud to be one of the professional event and team building organizers with many years of experience and we always offer the best services for customers and partners.


Attract the attention of a large number of customers, thereby increasing the business's sales ability.

The perfect tool for brand marketing.

Helps the number of customers convert higher than other methods.

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Why should you choose Guru Media?

Creative script

  • CONTENT IS KING is always Guru Media’s working guideline.
  • In the digital age, competition not only comes from advanced image quality, but content is the fiercest race.
  • DIFFERENT content holds viewers from the first seconds.
  • ATTRACTIVE content pushes the emotions of customers and partners to climax.
  • PERSUASIVE content helps viewers believe in a business’s products and services.

Professional demeanor

  • Film production goes through many stages of pre-production, production, and post-production. Each internal stage contains many specialized stages and personnel such as: Account, screenwriter,  production organization, director, DOP, filming, engineering…
  • Guru Media focuses on the sense of responsibility and quality of its personnel. We will work all night or even full weeks without days off to keep up with our customers’ deadlines.
  • Each employee of Guru Media is a true cheetah warrior: Fast – strong – quality.

Optimal costs

  • Guru Media always optimizes the lowest cost with the highest efficiency for businesses.
  • Through discussing the actual needs of customers plus consulting from Tina Media, the production department will provide reasonable costs with the best efficiency for the business.

Quality post-production

  • Guru Media has modern machinery and technology for post-production from basic to advanced.
  • Not only 2D movies, we can satisfy all series that need beautiful effects or 3D editing.
  • Each film is a work of art. True art must touch the heart of the recipient. And post-production is the final step to create that value.


Guru Media is a company operating in the field of media and event organization. Guru Media owns a team of professional staff who have been operating for many years in the field of media and advertising, helping customers get the best advice as well as planning event promotion and communication. suitable for each different business field.


More than 700 businesses have been accompanying Guru Media to build media projects

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