Rent a Google Ads invoice account

Renting a Google Ads invoice account is a way to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.
Currently, many businesses are spending a lot of money and time on Google advertising because Google’s policies are getting more and more difficult, constantly locking advertising accounts. Whether they can resist or not, they have to re-optimize from the beginning. .
To help you overcome this obstacle, ADDSIGI will introduce you to the Google invoice account rental service, a reputable partner of Google.

Advantages of Google Ads invoice accounts

Renting a Google Ads invoice account will have more advantages than creating a new Google Ads account, because it has many advantages as follows:

Ads are approved with priority

Your ad will be approved faster, and the content in the ad will also be much more detailed.

Able to run on big, huge, super big budgets

Google accepts whatever budget you want to run. Unlike regular advertising accounts, if they run too loud, they will be locked due to irregularities.

Running many difficult industries

We have an account and have spent money, helping you run difficult industries with the cheapest fees on the market.

Live long, healthy account

Invoice or Invoice Adwords account is the most advanced type of account in the Business Manager system, so it will definitely be favored by Google a lot.

There is a support team to guide you in handling all problems

You have a whole team to support you in solving all advertising problems. They will give you tips on how to handle the problem wisely.

Easy to manage and optimize campaign

The account is healthy, the campaign runs smoothly, machine learning is not interrupted, if you want to test ads, you are approved immediately. Either way will optimize your budget.

Why should you rent an account from us?

No deposit required or account opening fee

When renting an invoice account at GURU MEDIA, customers will not have to spend this amount of money

Granted a No Limit account

In case the advertising account dies, the entire amount will be transferred to the new advertising account immediately.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy ensures that customers’ private data will not be provided to third parties or served for improper purposes.

Deposit from only $50 each time

The exchange rate fluctuates according to the market price including conversion fee of 26,000 VND – 27,000 VND / 1$ depending on the time.

No need to review content, domain, website

You are free to advertise and use any of your websites, the team has no requirements or obligations. Many companies are picky about domain selection because they are afraid of affecting their account balance.

No advance deposit required

Just open an account, no need to deposit anything.


GURU MEDIA’s Google Ads Invoice account rental service is for all products that are NOT fake, counterfeit, poor quality goods, etc. After receiving the account rental request, GURU MEDIA will evaluate the product and website system for appropriate advice.

For each new account created, customers at GURU MEDIA will not lose any initial fee. If the account is suspended, GURU MEDIA will issue a new replacement account free of charge.

If the account is suspended and the customer does not wish to continue providing the service, GURU MEDIA will proceed with acceptance and return the transferred budget. Or transfer the remaining budget amount to a new account.
Note, account creation fees will not be refunded.

Before implementation, GURU MEDIA will send customers advice and standard checklists for each industry to minimize account suspension. In case of suspension, GURU MEDIA will assist customers in protesting their accounts.

Guru Media is always ready to listen and work with you to find the most suitable solution

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