Material – An important factor that honors classy designs

Material – An important factor that honors classy designs

Imagine, the same piece of furniture, but placed in two different rooms: one side creates an interesting visual effect when it becomes a masterpiece, the other side becomes the final piece that makes the room unique. entirety. In other words, interior works have great power in connecting and creating “look & feel” for the entire space.

Materials – Personality of the art space

The internal force that creates the spirit or highlight of the space is the material of the interior works, because each type of material carries within it a personality that represents the owner’s personal values ​​and ego. .

Of all materials, wood is often the most popular. In everyday life, we easily encounter wood in interior designs with all types, grain patterns, dark and light colors and different surface treatments. This is also considered an interesting material that can be combined with many other materials to create unique interior products in styles from classic to modern, from rustic to luxurious. With its high applicability, wood seems to represent a liberal personality but is still very luxurious and never out of date.

Another type of material that is also used a lot in interior architecture, especially with decorative interior products, is glass. People choose this material because of its elegance and outstanding elegance when placed in space, next to other products. Today, this type of material has been improved in many aspects such as color, thickness, style… creating a premise for liberating and breaking conventional design standards in terms of shape and function of interior products. furniture, thereby expressing the “one & only” spirit of a masterpiece or creating a harmonious, luxurious whole that the space needs.

rgb_creative_design_eurasia_concept_Bàn RAY PLUS - thương hiệu FIAM Italia

Considered the king of interior materials, leather holds its own position with its timeless beauty, requiring complex processing techniques to create perfect interior works. Leather in the interior also requires a variety of colors and types to meet the spirit of demanding products; and Poltrona Frau is one of the few long-standing brands, famous for its ability to provide high-quality leather products that meet and even exceed the strict standards a leather product should have. With more than 9 different leather lines from this brand, it is impossible not to mention Pelle Frau® Saddle – a combination of elasticity, impressive thickness, sturdiness and color diversity (up to 15 options). ). This type of leather is the perfect result researched, processed and used by Poltrona Frau in designs aimed at a healthy and solid spirit, but still expressing sophistication, luxury and nobility. In short, unlike other materials, leather products, whether they hold the role of masterpieces or not, also contribute to elevating the interior space to many levels, and show the class of the owner.

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Harmony – Element that binds material and style

Although material is what breathes life into a product, what determines the success or failure of an interior design is the combination of material and product shape. Materials or designs, no matter how beautiful or perfect they are in independent form, are difficult to make a mark if they cannot find harmony when combined together.


For spaces that use a lot of curved furniture, the evocative feeling is somewhat soft, elegant and luxurious. On the contrary, a space that uses a lot of furniture with straight lines will convey a strong and elegant personality. Besides, the space uses a lot of furniture with kinky features, exuding a spirit of generosity, freedom, and modernity. These are very basic notes about lines, but are also a guideline to guide designers in choosing the right materials to express and convey the story of the work, as well as create the connection of the work to the owner.

The relationship between space and interior works

An interior work of art only truly fulfills its role when it can connect people and living space. If lines and materials are the emotional voice of a work, then interior works are the source of energy that creates the spirit of a space, creating a strong relationship.

This relationship is considered one of the most important rules in design in general, and interior design in particular. This rule requires the designer’s ultimate sophistication in all stages: from planning the overall layout, to choosing satisfactory furniture and applying installation art to bring soul to the space. inspire those who will use it, but still ensure the true function of that space.


Following the success of the previous 3 issues, the next Design Talk will return with Roberto Lazzeroni – Famous Italian Architect and Interior Designer. Mr. Roberto is famous for his design works that demonstrate the ingenious combination of tradition and creativity. Looking at his designs, even non-experts can easily see the subtle intertwining of the past and the future and raising the level of interior design products. Currently, he is both an art director, leading overall concepts, and a designer of perfect interior products for leading European brands, most notably Poltrona Frau.


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