Design Talk: Roberto Lazzeroni – a groundbreaking work must be accompanied by excellent materials

Design Talk: Roberto Lazzeroni – a groundbreaking work must be accompanied by excellent materials

With the theme: “Perceptive Quality of Craftsmanship”, Roberto Lazzeroni – Famous Italian Architect and Interior Designer, promises to convey great inspiration as he creates his excellent works. , especially for the unique beauty of a piece of furniture created by excellent materials and the skillful techniques of hand-crafted work.


The works made by Roberto Lazzeroni, especially the leather works, are very successful in conveying their own message, making it easy for even non-specialists to see the intertwining of the process. past and future in a sophisticated way and raise the level of interior design products. Currently, he is both an art director, leading overall concepts, and a designer of perfect interior products for leading European brands.

Besides, in the success of Roberto Lazzeroni, it is impossible not to mention Poltrona Frau – a leading brand in the field of leather interior architecture. It is Poltrona Frau’s high-end leather lines that have greatly contributed to bringing sublimated emotions to their designers’ creations, and the pinnacle is Pelle Frau, the “weapon” that creates outstanding success. rank for this brand. Pelle Frau is a material that symbolizes luxury, nobility and sophistication for timeless leather furniture models, with original leather panels undergoing 21 elaborate tanning stages (double the number of stages). making leather from other brands) to produce Europe’s No. 1 Pelle Frau leather line

Design Talk: Roberto Lazzeroni – một tác phẩm đột phá phải đi đôi với Chất liệu xuất sắc


Having been classically trained in Fine Arts and Architecture in Florence, for Lazzeroni, each furniture product made should not be a single object, but must be placed in an intimate connection with space. , so that both elements harmonize and interact with each other. Another special feature of Lazzeroni’s design is the combination of tradition and creativity. Looking at his designs, even non-experts can easily see the intertwining of the past and the future. That’s why, with a history of more than 100 years; Poltrona Frau is where Lazzeroni chose to unleash his creativity, creating classics such as the Fred table, Ginger chair, Aida chair, Mamy Blue chair… For Poltrona Frau, he is the hyphen between the legacy of brand and the contemporary nature of Italian interior style.Roberto Lazzeroni is the next guest of the Design Talk series organized by Eurasia Concept . Previously, Eurasia Concept was also honored to welcome world-famous designers to Vietnam such as Patricia Urquiola, Giulio Cappellini, Patrizia Moroso…

True to what is mentioned in the topic name, Design Talk this time will bring a completely different perspective of the interior design industry with Roberto Lazzeroni within the framework of the Design Talk series organized by Eurasia Concept.

  • Material – The highlight that makes the Poltrona Frau brand
  • The relationship between materials and artistic elements creates a classy product
  • Learn the process of creating flawless leather creations with Roberto Lazzeroni

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